Jigme Wangchuk 

Age: 38 years

Village: Momring

Gewog: Lauri


Bachelors of Education, 2005

Work experience

Served as a teacher

National Council member from Samdrupjongkhar from 2008 to 2018.

Why should the people vote for you?

The choice is in the hands of the general public. However, the opportunity they have given me to serve the nation and the people for 10 years has really opened my experience in diverse fields.

The 10-year tenure has really shaped my personal experience and paved the path to serve them in better way.


Kelzang Phuntsho 

Age: 36 years

Village: Langnang Ringma

Gewog: Wangphu


B.A. English and Environmental studies

Work experience

Adm. & HR officer

Data Center Manager

Why should the people vote for you?

In my perception, people’s representative should be like them so that they could approach the representative and share their concerns openly. The representative will also interact and ask people about the pressing issues, be it in the community or national.

I can represent the people well as I have experiences from the ground. I have been a farmer, a cowboy,  worked in the quarry and hotel.

Only the person who knows the problem can understand and represent well.

I have learned that there are humble people in all communities.

Please vote for me not because I am qualified or capable but because we are all same.

All I want to be is the true representative of Samdrupjongkhar people.


Sangay Tenzin 

Age: 45 years

Village: Samdrupgatshel

Thromde: Samdrupjongkhar


Master of Engineering Science

Work experience

Dzongkhag engineer and municipal engineer

Why should the people vote for you?

In my 20 years of dedicated service I had an opportunity to learn, experience and serve in varied fields of running administration, framing and reviewing plans and policies, implementing and disseminating acts and laws to the end users and that has made me accustomed to above all.

If I am elected, I would provide better service in understanding the plans, policies, rules, regulations, acts and laws to make understand and bridge between government and public.

Policy gap would be interpreted, and keep constant monitoring on any development activities that take place within SJ dzongkhag to ensure quality to benefit end-users.


Tshelthrim Dukar

Age: 39 years

Village: Batsung

Gewog: Orong 


Bachelor in Science

Work experience

Human Resource Development Officer

Founder of a travel agent

Why should the people vote for you?

I feel formulation of legislations and policies need men and women so that the laws respond to the different interest and needs.

I want my voters to understand the importance of women’s participation in politics and also encourage them to envision a hope and aspiration that one day their daughters and sisters will also stand for elections, win and represent them in the Parliament.

I want them to dream big for their daughters and sisters.

I come from a humble family and I am a daughter of a farmer. I experienced the hardships of  rural life, battled poverty and worked hard to get where I am today. I can connect and relate to the hardship and challenges faced by rural folks and render help.

Samdrupjongkhar has tremendous potential to develop into an economic hub. So, I will work hard to review policies and facilitate laws that would enable Samdrup  Jongkhar to harness its economic potential.


Tshewang Tenzin 

Age: 30 years

Village: Denphu

Gewog: Serthi


Masters in Development Practices

B.Com (Finance)

Work experience

Assistant Research Officer for one and half year

Why should the people vote for you?

It’s not to win for a title.

The purposes of participation are:

Firstly, to serve the aspirations of HM The King, Secondly, to give a choice to the people and be an inspiration to our youth.

I have high expectation that voters will vote for the best on their free will, and I pledge to serve in line with the Constitution with commitment and dedication if elected.


Ugyen Dorji

Age: 41 years

Village: Kakpadung

Gewog: Martshala


B.A. Dzongkha and Geography

Work experience

Human Resources Development and Adm. Officer

Why should the people vote for you?

I am offering a choice to the people, as Samdrupjongkhar did not have many candidates in the past two elections.

Being a son of a farmer, I know the challenges, problems and issues in the village. Therefore, I feel it is the right time, age, and way to serve the people and repay the government.

My sixteen and half years of service in the Department of Revenue and Customs have groomed me in law enforcement, while one half years in Army Welfare Project as an administrator has added confidence in administration and management.

If elected I would prioritize in speedy repeal of obsolete laws and reform legislations applicable towards regional balanced development. Through equity and justice, I will ensure that basic rights are not compromised.

I will also focus on old age homes and orphanage. Represent as a candidate for voice of the voiceless.


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