Chheki Wangchuk 

Age: 53 years

Village: Galing

Gewog: Shongphu


MA in Economics

Work experience


Technical advisor


Freelance consultant

Why should the people vote for you?

I understand the aspirations of our people and the challenges they face during my humble career spanning over 26 years as an academic, development worker and management personnel.

I have worked in the government, private sector and international entities with organisations at macro, mid and micro and grassroots levels.

These professions have put me in direct touch with people from diverse age-groups and backgrounds. They have reinforced my understanding of the diversity and complexity of rural as well as urban issues.

I also had the opportunity of gaining a panoramic perspective of key national issues during these years.



Age: 31 years

Village: Pam

Gewog: Samkhar


Post Graduate Diploma in Computer  Application

BA general

Work experience

Sales executive

Why should the people vote for you?

People have to vote for me because I will focus on upholding the law and will make people at the grassroot level more aware of  existing of laws and policies.

I think we need to look upon reviewing  policies  rather making the laws.

So being people’s representative, I will put their problems and grievances in the forefront.

Lastly, being young and energetic I feel I can serve the people effectively in every aspect.



Age: 51 years

Village: Kurichelo

Gewog: Lumang




Work experience

Marketing head

Head of Customer service

Operations manager

Member of Parliament



Why should the people vote for you?

I have visited all places in Trashigang and the whole country.

I am sure no other individual possess such required exposures and knowledge in clearly understanding  different situations instantly in each place and village.

I am also already well versed with law making, review functions and understanding of people’s aspirations and expectations with various combination of experiences. Hence, I can be in a much  better position to serve the people of Trashigang in particular and the nation in general.

I humbly urge the voters to carefully study the capabilities of each candidate and pass your best judgement to have no regrets in the future after having exercised with one precious vote.


Pema Wangda

Age: 31 years

Village: Jomtshang

Gewog: Udzorong  


B.Sc (Major in Chemistry and Mathematics)

Work experience


Cultural Guide

Why should the people vote for you?

People’s hope and aspiration, my priority!

I was a competent leader since primary school to college in varied fields.

I have successfully completed De-Suung Integrated Training Program to serve our country and people with unconditional love. Attending certificate level leadership program, serving as a manager and culture guide for seven years has enriched me to inspire and bring more tourists to eastern region.

I have exposure, as I travelled to many countries and led many groups. I am a loyal, dedicated and committed person. Importantly, my pledge is to fulfil people’s hope and aspiration by serving as a capable watchdog to ensure good governance, secure the sovereignty of the country, peace, prosperity and happiness of the people!


Sonam Tobgay R 

Age: 39 years

Village: Langten

Gewog: Radhi


M.Com (finance)

Work experience


Why should the people vote for you?

Among the candidates in Trashigang, I fall in the right category that is neither old nor young and with the right mix of energy and experience.

Communication and social skill is inevitable to represent the public for which I am competent because I served as a teacher.

I understand the diverse need of people.

Therefore, I feel I’m the right voice of Trashigang people and deserve the vote from them.


Ugyen Dorji 

Age: 28 years

Village: Pungshing

Gewog: Thrimshing


Bachelors in Civil Engineering

Work experience

Why should the people vote for you?

People of Trashigang should vote for me because I am young and energetic, a true patriot, optimistic, faithful and responsible.

I will frame a policy that the government would support people, who are above 65 years with adequate food supply for the rest of their lives.

I will also frame laws that will address the needs of beggars in the country.

I will set strategies to support disabled people.

I will uphold the Constitution.

I will review agriculture policy in order to produce sufficient products and reduce import.

I will uphold the policy of free education and health care services as mentioned in the Constitution.

I will review the law whereby truck drivers are allowed to carry the loads in accordance to new model standard of vehicle without fear of being penalised.


Ugyen Phuntsho 

Age: 26 years

Village: Trashang

Gewog: Bartsham


BA in Economics and Population Studies

Work experience

Dairy farmer


Why should the people vote for you?

People of Trashigang  should elect me as their NC member because no matter how young I am, I  assure that I can bring changes for a better tomorrow.

Young people are bound to be the reasons behind innovation and creativity.

I will be the voice of the voiceless and work towards shaping the future of our nation.

I would like to focus on youth related issues.

I feel I can actually connect to the youth who play a crucial role in building our nation.

I want to ensure that the youth of today are given more importance.

Trashigang with its enriching culture and tradition has the potential to be a tourist hub if its resources are harnessed properly.

These three key areas would bring development to the locality and the country’s economy.

I will be the bridge between the government and the people.


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