Karma Gyeltshen 

Age: 35 years

Village: Yangtse (Choekor)

Gewog: Throm


Bachelors of Education (English and Mathematics)

Work experience

Teacher, construction business

Why should the people vote for you?

While in school, I have been  with thousands of future generations, study their aspirations and expectations from teachers, parents and government. On contrary, I have also learnt the expectation of the parents from their sons and daughters.

Working in the area of constructions I have learnt the difficulties faced by contractors, shortage of engineers in dzongkhags, some ground facts for compromising the quality of works.

Since I was stationed in Trashiyangtse from birth till date, I have good knowledge of people. If I am given a chance to stand as the representative of Trashiyangtse in the National Council, I will address these problems.


Ngawang Tashi 

Age: 35 years

Village: Wogkhar

Gewog: Tongmejangsa


BA General

Work experience

Gewog Administrative officer

Why should the people vote for you?

I have served as gewog administrative officer in the local government dealing directly with the people for more than seven years.

I know the ground reality and problems of the people at grassroot level.

Now I am confident in taking up the position as National Council to bring needful changes by reviewing the laws and policy on matters affecting the security and sovereignty of our country and the interest of the nation I am humble and positive to work for Tsawa-Sum with full dedication.


Phurpa Gyeltshen 

Age: 39 years

Village: Gochang

Gewog: Ramjar


Bachelors of Dzongkha (Honours)

Work experience

Assistant secretary

News reporter, editor and presenter both in Radio and Television

Why should the people vote for you?

While working in BBS I was able to closely follow the whole process of democratization in the country starting from the drafting of Constitution.

Having worked in BBS for the past 13 years, I actively followed and covered the whole process of the Parliament. I was able to understand the laws and policies of the country while closely following the Parliament.

So, with the experience and knowledge that I have, I am confident that I will be able to serve the country and people better.

Secondly, I am of the right age to serve the country and people.


Sonam Tenzin

Age: 32 years

Village: Pam

Gewog: Khamdang  


Bachelors in Computer Application

Work experience


Why should the people vote for you?

People should vote for me as I have the strength to listen to their voices and bring changes with regard to policies and legislative.


Tashi Phuntsho 

Age: 46 years

Village: Yallang

Gewog: Yallang


Masters in Educational Leadership and Management

Work experience



Education Monitoring Officer

Incumbent member of  National Council

Why should the people vote for you?

I am privileged to have given an opportunity by the people of Tashiyangtse to serve as their representative in the National Council.

Optimistic of winning their trust again I commit to work harder capitalizing on my experience to fulfill aspirations of His Majesty The King in ensuring the security, sovereignty and survival of our country as well as the well-being and prosperity of our people.



Age: 36 years

Village: Lichen

Gewog: Yangtse



Work experience

Legal officer, attorney, legal consultant, farmer, businessman,

Why should the people vote for you?

I know the people of Trashiyangtse and their needs well. I have always remained connected to them.

As a lawyer I am well informed of our national goals and long term policies.

I am also aware that the Constitution guarantees fundamental rights to the people and it is the government’s responsibility to honour these rights.

Similarly, the Constitution also confers the fundamental duties to the people and our people needs to be aware of it. Careful crafting of laws and policies to best serve the interest of our nation and the people and better understanding, and coordination between government institutions and the people.

As a person who has a legal background and worked both in government institution and the community, I have all the tools required to represent the people in one of the most important institutions.


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