Know Your NC Candidate: Wangdue

Dawa Tshering 

Age: 30 years

Village: Rukubji

Gewog: Sephu


BA in Language and Culture Studies

Work experience

Protocol Officer

Programme Producer and presenter, BBS Radio

Tourism Marketing, Malaysia and Singapore (2016-2017)

Why should the people vote for you?

I have decided to contest for National Council primarily to ensure that all the laws, plans and policies reviewed, amended and initiated are understood clearly by every citizen especially at the grass root level as they are confused right now. Moreover, Wangdue dzongkhag is one of the largest dzongkhags while not many contestants came forward to participate in the previous National Council election. Therefore, I want to give people more choice this time.

It was my work experience with BBS as a programme presenter where I had to always keep my audience informed with daily business during the parliament sessions over the last few years. Moreover, this has equipped me with more knowledge about the role of policy makers and as a people’s representative.


Passang Thrinlee

Age: 58 years

Village: Sha Wachey

Gewog: Bjena 


Masters in Military Science and Strategy

Work experience

Ex-Police Commandant

Member of Parliament

Private security officer, Australia

Why should the people vote for you?

People should vote for me because I am a very straight forward and morally upright person. I will serve Tsawa-Sum from my heart with loyalty and dedication. Moreover, I have exhibited my integrity and sincerity in working for the cause and issues of the people on policies and developmental desires during my five year term as a member of parliament from 2008 to 2013. I do not hold any reservation or hesitation in speaking out the voice of the people in parliament. For me the interest of the people always comes first.

I feel I would be the right person to bridge between the people, His Majesty The King and the country.


Rada Wangchuk 

Age: 27 years

Village: Wangdue Throm

Gewog: Bajo Thromde


Bachelor of Science in Management Technology,

Specialised in Architectural Innovation and Management (AIM)

Work experience


Why should the people vote for you?

As architects, we are increasingly aware of humanitarian, disasters, environment, social and political issues, which impact our vulnerable communities.  I am determined to address the growing challenges with my youthful vigour, innovative ideas and long-term vision. Construction industry can be a major part of our national economy. Unlike most other economic sectors, construction activities are widely dispersed throughout the country. Quality construction in gewogs and thromdes provides long term value. We have to build more but we also have to build better. Good standards of construction must never be sacrificed in pursuit of the cheapest option. That can be achieved through good legislation in place.


Tashi Dorji

Age: 36 years

Village: Agokha

Gewog: Rubesa  


Master in International Affairs

Work experience

Member of Parliament,

Chief Executive Officer private tour company,

Protocol Officer

Why should the people vote for you?

People are looking for a trust worthy representative, a person who understands problems and who aspires to fulfill their needs and wants, an individual with realistic plans, so I feel I am prepared for the job. Similarly the fact that I have been endorsed as a candidate with highest ‘Yes’ votes percentage and encouraging assurance from people of Wangdue Phodrang Dzongkhag shows the trust and confidence they have on me. With better understanding of national policies, geo-political scenario, I pledge to serve with dedication for another term as your representative.



Age: 34 years

Village: Wanjolha

Gewog: Thedtsho


Diploma in electrical engineering

Bachelor of Technology in electrical and electronics engineering

Work experience

Engineer in government, corporate, and private sector

Why should the people vote for you?

It is important that people choose the right candidate as their representative who will be serving the Tsawa-Sum.The right representative should look after the wellbeing of the people and be dedicated to his task. He should also fulfil people’s desire. Having all these qualities I think people should go for that candidate. If I am elected I would serve the Tsawa-Sum with the utmost dedication.

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