Dorji Cheten

Age: 38  years

Village: Pantang

Gewog: Phangkhar  


B.Com (Hons)

Masters degree in International Economics & Finance

RIGSS Alumni

Work experience

Credit Officer

Director of a private company

Co-Founder of a Supermarket

Why should the people vote for you?

With profound commitment and optimism, I am in constant pursuit of serving the King, Country and People with greater responsibilities and thus the National Council is the sacred parliamentary platform for my mission.

I contested in the  2nd NC election but could not sail through the gewog dhamngoi nomination. That, however, didn’t deter my hope and determination but rather deepened my political commitment. I thank the people of Phangkhar gewog for nominating me this time.

I always strive to contribute towards strengthening our country’s unity, harmony, security and sovereignty.

I commit to the service of humanity with humility.


Pema Dakpa

Age: 49  years

Village: Khomshar



Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering

Master of Science in Food Technology

Work experience

Programme Director

Member of Parliament in National Council of Bhutan

Why should the people vote for you?

I have effectively delivered the three main roles of Parliament – Legislation, Oversight and Representative up to the satisfaction of the people.

I have established appropriate communication and connectivity practices with the people to address any constituency issues.

I have proven my sincerity, strength and competence for accelerating the developmental activities in the Constituency.

I am re-contesting to reinforce the role of National Council through my Parliamentary experience, underpin the facilitation of transparency and accountability of developmental activities and nurture the youth on farming enterprise for reducing poverty.


Sangay Dorji

Age: 57  years

Village: Budashi

Gewog: Goshing  


BA Hons in Public ​Administration

Indian Administrative Service professional certificate

Postgraduate Diploma in ​

D​evelopment ​Administration

Work experience

I​mmigration, Census, Planning and Administrative officer

Officiating ​Director

Regional ​D​irector

D​r​ungtshab, ​Dzongrab

Why should the people vote for you?

Democracy needs

expe​rienced, qualified and capable persons in the Parliament to steer the country in law making process and ​to ​enact good laws.

National ​C​ouncil as an apolitical house is ​a vibrant institution to fulfil people’s aspiration in terms of good legislations, equitable laws​,​ and justice in the country.

People find the right person in my candidature in terms of age, wisdom, experience and capability and confide trust in me.

I have committed to be an unwavering public servant to the people to serve​ the​ Tsawa-Sum in enactment of good laws and coordination of socioeconomic development for economic prosperity and happiness of the people.


Sonam Leki

Age: 38  years

Village: Tsaidang

Gewog: Nangkhor  


Bachelor of Education

Work experience


Science Curriculum writer

IT administrator, web designer

Why should the people vote for you?

I came forward for the people and for their choice to elect the right representative.

I will listen to them, work with them, if necessary speak for them for inclusion and reviews of rule of law.

I promise to give my best service to the people of Khengrig NamSum and the country at large.

I have worked in the dzongkhag as a teacher, willing to work with elected responsibilities for the dzongkhag and keep on working for dzongkhag hereafter. Therefore, if the people choose me to be their NC representative, I will focus on positive developmental change in the service of the Tsawa-Sum.

Editor’s note: The Ngangla gewog nominee, Rinchen, did not want to be profiled


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