Volunteers: A South Korean company, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) as a part of its corporate social responsibility will create a children’s playground, conduct an eye camp, and install solar street lighting in Bhutan, according to a press release issued by the Tarayana Foundation.

The activities will be carried out through Better World, an NGO in South Korea and the Tarayana Foundation.

Solar street lights will be installed at the Folk Heritage Museum while the children’s playground will be constructed at Khasadrapchu Middle Secondary School. The activities at the Folk Heritage Museum and the school will be carried out by 30 Korean University students who volunteered for the cause.

The Tarayana Club members of Khasadrapchu school will also take part in the activity planned for the school. Beside the playground, there will be a cultural exchange programme between the school and the participants from Korea.

The activities will be carried out simultaneously in the two areas on August 17 till August 20. The students will be guided by four officials from Better World and KEPCO.

The eye camp will be conducted at Punakha hospital. The camp is being organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Health from August 29 to September 4, by local doctors. The main focus of the camp is on cataracts.

The main focus of Better World activities is on global education, community development and international volunteering, considered as complementary elements and tools to build a sustainable culture of peace.

Better World organises the volunteers and also mobilises the resources needed for the activities.  The entire Korean team is coming as tourists to carry forward the activities.

Staff reporter