Film: Kushuthara – A Pattern of Love, directed by Karma Deki, will premiere at the Rubin Museum of Art, New York City (NYC) in the United States of America, on March 1.

The film will premiere as a part of the Himalayan Heritage Show. The film will also be released in select movie theatres in San Francisco, Los Angeles (LA) and NYC, with worldwide release on iTunes, Amazon and other Video on Demand platforms and on Netflix.

Before releasing in the US, the movie was edited to meet international standards. The re-edited film was screened for selected audience in Thimphu on January 21.

The re-edited film is 70 minutes long and is in Blu-ray HD format. The language spoken is in Dzongkha with English subtitles.

Kushuthara – A Pattern of Love is a story about the rebirth of love. Shot in Minjey Gewog in Lhuentse, the film portrays the culture of weaving the intricate pattern in textile called Kushuthara, considered the finest fabric and a prized wedding garment in the country.

One of the skilled weavers in Minjey is Chokimo (Kezang Wangmo), who catches the eye of Charlie. Charlie gets a strange feeling that he has been in this place before and feels drawn to her.

The relationship between the two becomes entangled through the realisation of the cause and conditions that created it. The film explores the Buddhist concept of karma and rebirth of two individuals in this lifetime to accomplish what was left incomplete in their previous lifetime.

The film won the best foreign narrative film at the Laughlin International Film Festival. The lead actor, Emrhys Cooper, won a honourable mention at the LA Independent Film Festival, and the film also premiered in the 45th International Film Festival of India, International Film Festival of Fiji, and Dhaka International Film Festival.

Karma Deki is the first female director in the country. She has directed four features films –Dangphu (2006), Kushuthara-The Wedding Dress (2007), Four Friends (2010) and Kushuthara – A Pattern of Love (2013-2017). She also directed a short film on domestic violence, Birds in Cages (2011-2015), and two television series on youth for BBS. She worked as a producer, editor and scriptwriter for
film and television.
Thinley Zangmo