Film: Emrhys Cooper, the lead actor of Karma Deki’s massively successful film Kushuthara – Pattern of Love, is producing and starring in The Temple, the first foreign supernatural horror film to be shot in Bhutan. Scott Spiegel of Evil Dead and Hostel is directing the USD 700,000, The Temple.

Kushuthara – Pattern of Love received 13 nominations at the 14th Bhutan National Film Festival last year. It even won the Best International Narrative Feature Film Award at Laughlin International Film Festival.

The film features Emrhys Cooper (Charlie), who won award of recognition at the IndeFEST Film Award in May. Kushuthara – Pattern of Love is a story about the rebirth of love, how a single thread can weave the past and present in the lives of two people.

How did Cooper end up playing Charlie in a Bhutanese film, and most excellently at that?

“It was the thread of life, the cycle of rebirth known as karma many Bhutanese believe in that brought me to this secluded nation,” said Cooper, who is in Thimphu.

Photo by: Ascanio Vardan

Photo by: Ascanio Vardan

The film was shot in a remote village in Lhuentse, the dzongkhag known for producing exceedingly beautiful kushuthara. “[It] was an incredible experience in a place so far removed…It was sad to get back to reality when we completed the shooting. Being here changed me and it had a massive impact on my life,” Cooper added.

The Temple tells a story of a tough policewoman, who is sent to investigate a temple robbery case in a remote village. She is confronted by prying villagers and a snooping American TV crew. Casts include Ian Buchanan, Emrhys Cooper, Keith Jefferson, Charlotte Price, Kinley Pelden, Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk and his younger brother Sonam Yonten Wangchuk.

“This is the beginning of some great things. I want to help Bhutanese films reach international markets,” said Emrhys Cooper, whose one purpose in life is to inspire others. “I come from very minimum beginnings and I’ve worked very hard to be here.”

Cooper said Bhutanese have exceptional sense of sensibility that can be portrayed in films for international audience.

Emrhys Cooper is an English actor, dancer and producer. He started his career as stage actor and performed for London’s West End production. He has appeared in films like Bright Young Things and Mamma Mia!

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