Sanitation: With the increasing number of archers at the Changlimithang archery range, sanitation has become an issue of concern for the people at the range.

There is only one public toilet available at the range. Archers and spectators are often seen relieving themselves behind bushes near the range.

One of the archers from Mongar, Dorji, said that the lack of toilet is a big concern. “People are seen going near the bush without even looking around. The only toilet here is located far from the first range.”

Another archer said that the location of the toilet near the upper range is far away from the lower range. “We can’t leave the game in the middle and go for toilet,” he said. “This leaves us with no option than to run behind the bush.”

The on-going Druk Wangyal National Archery Tournament has seen the highest numbers of participants. Pema Tshering, one the regular spectator, said the number of spectators during traditional archery tournaments is comparatively higher than in tournaments with compound bows.

Pema Tshering said that the number of spectators increase during weekends. “Each range should have at least one toilet so that the spectators could also use them too,” he said.

The taxi stand below the range has the same problem. One of the taxi drivers said that the odour from the range is a problem for them, especially during lunchtime. “We don’t have a proper place where we can eat and the odour from the archery range is disgusting,” he said.

Administrative officer with  Bhutan Indigenous Games and Sports Association’s (BIGSA), Tshewang Namgyal, said that the association is working on constructing a new toilet at the range.

BIGSA’s president, Kuenzang Dorji, said that for time being portable toilets will be put in place for public use.

“Once the remaining works on the new toilets are completed, we’ll be submitting the proposal to BOC for approval,” he said.

Younten Tshedup