Chencho Dema

Paro police have detained the Paro Lamgong gup, and his wife, both out on bail for now, for alleged battery and aggravated battery after the gup was stabbed several times on April 5 following a heated dispute concerning alleged extramarital affairs.

The incident happened on April 5 when the gup returned home in Shomo,  Lango, where he met his wife. A heated argument ensued, and as tensions escalated, she began to inflict cuts on her own hand. In an attempt to escape the situation, the gup tried to escape the scene, but his wife chased him.

When the gup exited his vehicle and attempted to flee on foot,  the wife caught up with him and stabbed him thrice in the abdomen, resulting in a three-inch cut.

The gup informed the police and reported the incident around 10:45 pm. During the investigation, the wife claimed that the gup had cut her hand. However, this claim could not be verified due to lack of witnesses. The gup denied the allegation.

According to the penal code of Bhutan, aggravated battery is defined as the use of physical force of an adverse nature on another person. It will be considered a misdemeanour, if aggravated circumstances are present.