Sherab Lhamo

Party candidates in Paro’s Lamgong-Wangchang constituency unveiled their commitments to road development, water management, agriculture, and innovation during a common forum at Dobshari Gewog Centre held yesterday.

Sonam Tashi, representing the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), outlined plans to establish a waste management system akin to Thimphu’s drop-off centres. He pledged to undertake the blacktopping of roads, construction of necessary roads and bridges, and provision of irrigation water to farmlands.

Sonam emphasised the party’s vision for enhanced accessibility to farming in the constituency. PDP promised an 80 percent loan equity for acquiring utility vehicles or farm machinery, along with interest-free loans for power tillers, tractors, other farm machinery, and the purchase of Jersey cows.

Kunzang Dorji, the Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) candidate, committed to upgrading gewog and chiwog roads, including blacktopping and enhancing existing farm and access roads. The party envisions the creation of an Idea and Innovation Bank for youths and allocating a specific percentage of GDP for research and development.

Kunzang further pledged to permit the profitable harvesting of timber on private land if the BTP secures victory.

Both candidates stressed the importance of choosing the right candidate for the benefit of the country.

Around 55 individuals attended the common forum, expressing satisfaction with the candidates’ pledges.

Tshering Dema, among the attendees, found both candidates capable based on their commitments.

While acknowledging the strength of both candidates, a resident of Dobshari noted a perceived advantage for the candidate with past election participation.