Local Govt. leaders say budget insufficient to construct retaining walls

Infrastructure: The Khar gup, Ngajay Dorji and Chongshing mangmi, Namkha Dorji, in Pemagatshel requested additional budget from the dzongkhag to construct protection walls and drains along the Tsebar Ngangray to Khawar Gonpa farm road in Khar gewog, during the dzongkhag tshogdu held on October 25.

The Khar gup said that frequent landslides occur during the monsoon along the farm road. As the road also passes above Yomzor village in Chongshing gewog, the landslides are also affecting its residents.

The gup said the landslides are causing debris to enter the village, which are endangering both people and crops. The villagers had raised the same issue earlier.

Although the gewog kept aside Nu 500,000 from the gewog development grant to construct protection walls, the budget will not be enough as large walls will be required, the gup said.

He said the need for additional budget is crucial as it is hoped that the walls can be built before the next monsoon.

The Chongshing mangmi said the landslides had washed away their main cash crops, potatoes and maize but that no houses have been damaged so far.

He added the landslides have washed away almost all the crops of eight households. “We would be very glad if both the gewog and dzongkhag could come up with the solution as soon as possible.”

The dzongkhag’s engineer, Sonam Jamtsho, explained that before they allot the budget, they will have to first investigate and estimate the cost.

The dzongdag, Phuntsho, added that they would look into the matter and if possible arrange the budget from the dzongkhag development grant.

DT members, with a show of hands, agreed that the dzongkhag investigate and find out the costs as soon as possible.

Yangchen C Rinzin |  Pemagatshel