The way we look at education ought to change. The way we look at counselling must change. We have moved on.

We have had enough bad news from the sector.

But good things are happening. This day we are bringing to the fore one school that is making special effort to address some of the problems that are  seeping into the system.

Zilukha Middle Secondary School in Thimphu is showing the way. This is one school we know; there are many others.

At a time when we are faced with issues of teachers groping over students and education ministry unsure of its foothold, there are question we must ask.

Recognise what our individual schools are doing to ensure there is safety.  In Zilukha Middle Secondary School, there is 45-minutes quality time-sharing period that gives time for students and students to share their problems.

Not all problems can be solved this way because the nature of problems are varied. Some are forcefully hidden. But the health of our children, mental and physical, is important. We are talking about societal wellness.

How many of our schools are actually doing like what Zilukha Middle Secondary School in Thimphu is doing? Initiatives like this should be adopted in all our schools.

Let us look at the problems facing our schools today. Monitoring issue is the biggest problem in the system. We may have the best curriculum and classroom development plans, but if we do not look at the safety of our children, we have failed. Our education system deserves a better narrative.

Some schools are showing the way. The rest must learn.  Our schools should not be homes for unhappy stories. Our classrooms can, and should be, places of rejuvenation of ideas where respect between teachers and students is clean and solem.

Where Zilukha Middle Secondary School has left us to think, we must pick up.