Lhuentse re-elected incumbent Tempa Dorji for a second term. Securing 1,604 votes on the poll day and 965 through postal ballot, Tempa Dorji secured 2,569 votes in total.

The 50-year-old from Jarey gewog secured the highest votes both through the electronic voting machine and postal ballot.

Former Nation Council member, Rinzin Rinzin lost for the second time to Tempa Dorji. Standing next in the line of the winner, Rinzin Rinzin who is from Khomo gewog secured a total of 2,149 votes of which 1,399 were obtained from EVM and 750 through postal ballots. He stood second in securing votes both through EVM and postal ballot.

The third was Jurmey Tenzin who secured 1,378 votes in total. He secured 701 votes through postal ballots and 677 votes from the EVM. Jurmey Tenzin, 36, is from Kurtoed also stood third in terms of both in EVM votes and postal ballots.

Kinga Penjor from Gangzur gewog secured a total of 1,043 votes of which 623 votes were cast through EVM while 420 votes were secured through postal ballot. Kinga Penjor, 44, is from Gangzur gewog.

Tenzin Jurmey from Maenbi gewog secured a total 746 votes. He secured 479 votes from the EVM and 267 through postal ballots. Tenzin Jurmey is 29.

Of the 16,040 total registered voters in the dzongkhag, 7,885 of them took part in the elections, of which 4,782 were cast through EVM and 3,103 through postal ballots.

Of the 812 eligible voters through the Facilitation Booth in Lhuentse, 647 cast their votes. Two facilitations booths were set up in the dzongkhag of which one was in Lhuentse Higher Secondary School and another in Autsho Central School.

Tenzin Namgyel | Lhuentse