Thinley Namgay

In preparation for the upcoming general election on January 9, 120 election officials in Lhuentse have initiated their two-day refresher course at Lhuentse HSS yesterday.

The majority of participants, comprising teachers from across the country, with approximately 80 percent being male, are instructed on handling the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) and received briefings on election rules and regulations.

Today’s agenda includes briefings on maintaining result sheets and other crucial aspects of the election.

Expressing the significance of the refresher course, one teacher highlighted its role in providing a platform for a better understanding of the election process. He also noted that it offers an opportunity to interact with officials from other dzongkhags after a demanding year-long stay in school.

Officials on duty are scheduled to arrive at their respective polling stations on January 7. Lhuentse, with its 30 polling stations, each staffed with eight officials, has Gewog officials tasked with assisting them regarding accommodation and meals.

Returning officers in Lhuentse express confidence in a smooth election, considering the experienced majority of officials on duty. They affirm that dzongkhag election officials are competent, making their tasks more manageable.

More than 50 percent of the over 5,000 postal ballots issued for the two constituencies have reached the dzongkhag election office as of yesterday. Envelope A will be opened starting today, while Envelope B will be unsealed on the day of the election.

Anticipating a 100 percent success rate in special early voting for people with disabilities (PWDs), election officials report that of the 271 registered PWDs for early voting, the results of 257 have arrived at the dzongkhag.

Officials mention their expectation of updates from field officials regarding the votes of the remaining 14 PWDs.