A decade ago, most residents in Dungkar, Lhuentse were apprehensive when the country held its mock elections.

Not any more.

Singye Zangmo, 62, from Darjaygang village, said she was then nervous about the voting process and the future of the country.

“The past elected governments have done their best with their pledges fulfilled, but the worry is about our children’s time, and so, it is important to elect the best government,” she said.

Like her, most voters in Lhuentse have decided whom to vote for.

A voter from Dungkar Nagtshang, Norbula, 61, who doesn’t believe in the pledges claiming to be unreliable said he has already decided whom to vote for but is worried if the party he has chosen would be credible enough.

“Everybody pledges convincingly, but not all are fulfilled. The only worry is if the government elected would be the right one,” he said.

Ngotimo, 62, from Wambur village in Tsenkhar gewog is eager to vote for the best leader. “I wish and pray for the most beneficial party to be elected,” she said.

Most voters are well informed on all the political parties, their candidates and the pledges. Presidents’ campaign followed by candidates’ visit is the primary source of information while for some television is the main source of information on the political parties and their pledges.

“My small TV is the only information source regarding the parties including presidential and candidate debates,” Galleg, 51, from Dungkar said.

Meanwhile, as the poll day draws closer, political candidates of the two constituencies are rushing with their last minute campaign.

A BKP candidate of Gangzur-Minjey Demkhong, Karma Jimba, has chosen to go for cluster wise meeting after an ECB notification allowed the candidates to gather people in the villages from September 6.

He said the candidates were doing door-door campaign right after the candidates’ debate from September 4 for two days.

As of yesterday, he has covered three of the four gewogs in his constituency, and he expects to cover the last gewog before the election blackout period.

However, the DNT candidate of Menbi-Tsenkhar constituency, Tshering Phuntsho goes door-door campaign leaving those villages covered during his familiarisation tour. “I’ve covered 13 villages and I’ve six left, which is expected to cover today.”

The DPT’s Gangzur-Minjey candidate Tshering Dorji said he did door-door campaign and as of yesterday covered eighty percent of Khoma gewog, the last gewog of the four. “I expect to cover the remaining areas on the last day,” he said.

PDP’s Gangzur-Minjey candidate Sonam Jatso said the campaign was conducted mostly door-door with small gathering at clustered places. He said he covered three gewogs and is left with only one place in Gangzur gewog, which would be done today.

Tshering Namgyal |  Lhuentse