Staff Reporter  

Jigmi Wangdi

The Department of Environment & Climate Change has begun surveying CCTV cameras to identify and fine those who are littering.

In a recent incident, two young women who were seen on CCTV cameras leaving bags of garbage on Norzin Lam were fined Nu. 3,000 as first-time offenders. Their images from the footage were posted on social media, along with the notice asking them to report to the Department within 14 days.

The DECC says that offenders are given 14 days to pay the fines, failing which the case is forwarded to the police. Failing to come forward within the given time also accrues double the fine.

DECC has a list of littering offences and corresponding fines published online on their website and Facebook Page, Zero Waste Bhutan.

The two young women who were fined recently apologized for littering, and committed to help keep the city clean henceforth. As first-time offenders, in view of their compliance, their identities have been kept private.

However, the DECC informs the public that it will continue to surveil CCTV cameras across the city to identify litterers, whose pictures will be published on social media for them to self-identify and report to the office within 14 days. Their details will also be forwarded for investigation if they fail to report in the given time.

The DECC requests the public to refrain from any act of littering. Fines will be levied on parents or guardians of the offender is a minor, therefore parents are also asked to educate their children on proper waste disposal.

Clean cities are a public good that all residents are entitled to, and littering is a criminal offense.