Jigmi Wangdi  

A significant milestone was achieved in Bhutan’s healthcare sector as the living donor kidney transplant service was inaugurated in JDWNRH yesterday.

This historic event marks the first-ever renal transplant surgery of its kind in Bhutan and is the result of a collaborative effort between Bhutan and the Kingdom of Thailand.

A team of highly skilled medical experts from Rajavithi Hospital in Bangkok is currently in Bhutan to provide crucial assistance and expertise in this groundbreaking endeavor.

The Prime Minister along with officials from the Ministry of Health, JDWNRH, and KGUMSB, attended the inauguration ceremony.

Following the inaugural ceremony, the first kidney transplant surgery was successfully performed.

The recipient, a 34-year-old woman, received a kidney from her 26-year-old sister, the donor.

The second transplant is scheduled to take place on September 19th, involving a 26-year-old female recipient whose 40-year-old brother will serve as the donor.

Reports indicate that the initial transplant surgery was a resounding success, with both the donor and recipient currently in stable condition and recovering well.

A medical team from Thailand will closely monitor their progress over the next two weeks to ensure their continued well-being.

A kidney transplant surgery is a complex procedure undertaken to replace a diseased kidney with a healthy one obtained from either a deceased organ donor or a living donor.

This advancement in healthcare services promises to significantly enhance the quality of life for those in need of kidney transplants in Bhutan.