Thinley Namgay

Without proper boundary demarcation between Thimphu thromde and three gewogs of Chang, Kawang and Dagala, gewogs take care of religious monuments like lhakhangs, goendays, and choetens in the thromde.

This has frustrated the gewog leaders in Thimphu.

Chang Gup Ugyen raised the issue in the recent dzongkhag tshogdu (DT) session.

He said the area between Changzamtok to Olarongchu falls under thromde since 2000 but Chang gewog has to take of the religious monuments in the area.

There are 37 choetens and more than 100 lhakhangs in the area.

“Thromde should take care of the lhakhangs and choetens. I am concerned about vandalism,” gup Ugyen said.

He claimed the issue was deliberated in the past DT sessions, but nothing concrete came out of it. “If we don’t resolve this problem, future gewog leaders will also face consequences.”

A representative from the thromde said they don’t have a cultural office to look after the religious monuments. “But we do have a plan to open a cultural office.”

He said thromde will demarcate the boundaries soon.

Thimphu Dzongdag Dorji Tshering said a proper boundary is needed to respond to disasters like forest fires.

He also said thromde should take care of the lhakhangs and choetens within its boundary. “It is unreasonable for gewogs to look after religious monuments under thromde.”

According to the dzongdag, ownership of choetens under thromde should be clear. “Some are government choetens and some belong to private individuals and community.”

Edited by Tashi Dema