Kelzang Wangchuk | Nganglam

The Nganglam Drungkhag Covid-19 Task Force (DC-19TF) in Pemagatshel declared lockdown in Nganglam Throm following the risk after profiling clustered Covid-19 positives cases in the Dungsam Cement Corporation Limited (DCCL) premises yesterday.

This is after completing the 72 hours blackout period.

The DC-19TF has declared Dhob bridge until the Gashari Bali checkpoint, including the Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC) and DCCL colonies, Tshenkari, Dungsam Polymere Limited (DPL), Sokporong, Rognowang and Kangrize as the red zone.

While Army Pokto until Dhob bridge, including Khalaktangzor, Tshojab, dratshang, Drungkhag Court, drungkhag area, and Drangsajab are declared yellow zones and the three gewogs in the drungkhag are announced as a green zone.

According to the notification issued by the DC-19TF, no movement of people and vehicles would be allowed in the red zone, while the DCCL and DPL shall operate strictly in self-containment mode, and ferrying of raw materials and finished products should be carried out in bubble mode.

The DCCL management shall collect the essential items from the Dhob bridge and distribute them to the DCCL colonies and all the containment areas, while the DPL chief executive officer and BPC manager shall collaborate with the Tshenkari tshogpa and cater the remaining areas.

The schools in both the red and yellow zones shall remain closed, but the teachers should facilitate online teaching during the lockdown.

The notification stated that although the movement for vehicles is restricted in the yellow zones (Nganglam Throm-zone I and zone II), people can move with their movement cards to purchase essential items only from the shops identified by the DC-19TF.

People are allowed to move with their movement cards to ensure they have easy access to essential items during the lockdown and carry out crucial activities without compromising public health safety.

Each zone has three shift movements for two hours: morning 9am to 11am, afternoon 12pm to 2pm, and evening 3pm to 5pm. The movement card shall be carried by one member from a household only at a time. The card is not transferable.

The identified shops should display the price board for essential items, mark prices for all goods, pre-pack essential items to reduce the contacts, use Druk Trace App, or record in the visitor’s register and encourage internet banking usage.

The shops in the green zones will be allowed to replenish stocks from their respective zones but shall be delivered until the buffer between the yellow and green zones. 

Strategised mass testing for the yellow zone will begin on June 26 and on July 10 for the red zone.

Edited by Jigme Wangchuk