LG: Former Chokhor gup, Sangla, 53, will contest again for the gup post from Zangling-Zhabjethang.

Voters cast “yes” or “no” votes since there was only one gup and one mangmi contestant.

Interestingly, both the candidates secured 143 “yes”, and eight “no” votes each.

Talking to the public before the zomdu, former gup, Sangla said he served three terms as gup. “I have no knowledge acquired through studies but have ample experience,” he said.

He said two years remains of the 11th Plan and much works remains to be completed. “I am contesting again to complete all the planned activities and hand them over to the public successfully,” he said.

Hailing from Zhabjethang village, Sangla is the only incumbent gup to be re-contesting in Bumthang. He said Chokhor gewog remains remote and its only farm road is in terrible condition. He pledged to improve the road so that an hour-long journey is cut to 15 minutes.

Sangla has also served as the dzongkhag tshogdu threezin.

The former Tang and Chumey gups chose not to re-contest, while the Ura gup passed away last month.

Contesting for the post of Mangmi, Sangay Thinley, 27, from Nangsiphel village said any local government post requires some computer and technical knowledge.  “I feel I am the right and most capable person for the post,” he said.

Sangay Thinley graduated from the Gedu College of Business studies in 2013.

Election officials said it was disappointing that aren’t many contestants from the chiwog especially women. A number of women appeared for the functional literacy test this year.

Out of 564 eligible voters in the chiwog, only 151 attended the zomdu. The zomdu in Bumthang concludes today.

Nima Wangdi | Chokhortoe