I am Kinley from Trongsa. I study at Kathmandu University in Nepal. With the ongoing Covid-19 case the curriculum of this spring semester in my school changed to online classes.

Although there were very few Covid- 19 cases reported in Nepal when I was there, I thought Bhutan would be safer for me than anywhere else. So I decided to come back home. More over my mother called me every day expressing her concern and worries about the deadly case. I landed at Paro airport on March 22 with five other friends. As soon as we arrived at the airport we were brought to the quarantine centre at Kuenphen Rabten Resort in Thimphu. We were aware that we would have to be in quarantine so it wasn’t a surprise for us when we were told that we couldn’t go out from our assigned area until the quarantine period was over.

We were told that two persons should share a room. Luckily my close friend and me got to share a room. We were glad that the quarantine-included facilities like, free Wi-Fi, free meals, and luxurious rooms with appropriate space to study and relax.

This is my 15th day in quarantine and I just feel like days are passing so fast. Even before the quarantine was extended to three weeks, me and my friend hoped for the quarantine period to be extended because both of us thought it would be safer for everyone and also we were actually enjoying our time together, it was like a little retreat.

On Tuesday March 31, we were happy that the quarantine was extended by one more week.

We wake up at 7am as usual, I and my friend do 30mins of yoga then we do our morning prayers. By 8am breakfast will be kept at our door. Our online class starts at 9:15 am and it goes until 12:45pm, by then it will be time for lunch. Again In the afternoon our class starts at 3pm until 5:45pm. Our college conducts online classes in Microsoft team app which is convenient.

Dinner is served at around quarter past six. We are also served with snacks and tea in the evening. After dinner we watch TV, write homework and sometimes read news online. We are also kept updated with news (Kuensel). We say our prayers and go to bed at around 11pm. That’s how we spend our weekdays. However during weekends, we enjoy our days watching movies, singing and dancing. My friend likes dancing and I like singing.

We are grateful for the facilities we have in the quarantine. The meals are always good. For each meal served we remind ourselves of the kindness of our King and the government and thank them through our prayers. We feel very lucky to be a Bhutanese citizen under the leadership of a Dharma King.

Back in Nepal we have friends who also want to go back to their country but are worried about the quarantine facility and the cost. When we talk to them about the situation in our country, they said we are really lucky to be born in Bhutan and said they wished to be a Bhutanese.

We are grateful to His Holiness the Je Khenpo and monks of the Zhung Dratshang for praying for the peace and to the owner and helpers of our quarantine centre.

Thank you so much Bhutan.


Kinley Dema