Phurpa Lhamo | Gasa 

The 58-year-old man in Lunana who had earlier tested positive on the rapid antigen test was discharged from the facility quarantine after he tested negative on December 31.

The man was released after six days in the facility quarantine.

The man had visited the Lunana Primary Health Centre with flu-like symptoms on December 25.

Following the positive result on the rapid antigen test, 10 close contacts of the man were also tested for the Covid-19. All contacts—four telecom staff and six family members—tested negative.

Gasa dzongkhag administration official said that RT-PCR tests were also conducted on the family members in Punakha. All tested negative.

Lunana Gup Kaka said that while the people in Lunana were alarmed by the news, situation calmed as soon as it was confirmed that it was a false positive case.