The long term plan is for a roof to be built over the stadium

Infrastructure: The concrete galleries at Changlimithang Stadium in Thimphu will soon be equipped with 8,369 outdoor plastic chairs.

In an effort to standardise the only stadium in the country with international guidelines, the Bhutan Olympic Committee (BOC) will start putting in place the plastic chairs starting next month.

Head of infrastructure development division, Kinley Tshering said that although the full capacity of the stadium is more than 10,000 seats, the chairs will be fitted in the reinforced-cement-concrete areas only for now.

“At some locations of the stadium, galleries need to be reinforced like the rest. If the budget is enough, we’ll look into measures to incorporate the chairs at the rest of the galleries as well,” said Kinley Tshering.

He said that once the chairs are fitted on the galleries, spectators can experience better comfort during games and celebrations. “Moreover, with the chairs in place, it wont be as cold as it is now on the concrete,” said Kinley Tshering. “We can also keep a track of the number of the audience during celebrations by numbering the tickets.”

Kinley Tshering added that four different coloured chairs will be fitted on the galleries which will help in identification of different age-groups of people during gatherings.

The yearlong project is funded by the Government of India at a cost of Nu 35 million.

The project also includes modification of the structures under the galleries. Kinley Tshering said that the number of toilets at the stadium will be increased along with improving the water supply in the area.

The locker-room for the footballers is also expected to be  fitted with additional facilities such as meeting rooms, anti-doping testing rooms and showers in accordance with international standards.

Kinley Tshering said that the modification works will also facilitate spaces to incorporate some other federations such as taekwondo and shooting.  “Sports shop galleries and stores will be put in place to make the most out of the facilities at the stadium.”

The project is expected to finish by March next year.

In line with international standards, Kinley Tshering said that the committee also plans to incorporate roofing at the stadium along with construction of galleries from the other wing of the stadium in the future.

Constructed in 1974 over the decisive battleground of 1885, Changlimithang Stadium today serves as the national stadium and the home of the Bhutan national football team.

Younten Tshedup