Seizure: A Bhutanese man was detained by customs officials after they found USD 50,000, which is around Nu 3.1 million, on him at Paro airport on Tuesday.

Foreign currency regulations require that foreign currency equivalent or more than USD 10,000 be declared to customs at the time of departure or arrival.

The man was attempting to board a flight to Bangkok without declaring the amount.

The man has been released and the money confiscated and handed over to the Royal Monetary Authority.

It has been learned that the money was detected when his baggage was being x-rayed. Upon a physical check of his baggage, the money was found.

It has also been learned that the man claimed not be aware of foreign currency regulations.

He claimed to be going to Bangkok for medical treatment and shopping.

According to unconfirmed reports, the man may either have been a businessman or an employee of a law firm.

The incident follows an Indian national being detained by customs officials after attempting to take with him 17 cases or anywhere between 102-204 bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey. The Indian national was travelling to Kathmandu.

The last reported incident of a money seizure was in February, last year, when a Bangkok bound businessman was caught with Nu 4 million worth of foreign currencies. The man had USD 47,000 and INR 1 million in his possession.

Prior to that, a woman was busted with Nu 4 million worth of foreign currencies in 2012. The woman had USD 16,000 and Chinese Yuan 0.4 million.

By Gyalsten K Dorji