The Office of Attorney General (OAG) charged a 26-year-old man to Lhuentse court for an attempt to voluntary manslaughter after he stabbed a 20-year-old in Budur village of Minjey gewog on the night of September 10.

According to the OAG charges, the stabbing incident happened in Budur village when four men, on their way to guard crops, went to a friend’s house and drank alcohol.

It stated that the defendant helped the 20-year-old victim walk out of the friend’s house, as he was too drunk to walk. “When the victim fell down, he assumed the defendant pushed him and hit the defendant with a stone on his chest.”

When the victim and defendant were fighting, another friend, who left the house earlier, came back to stop them. The fourth friend also joined and tried to stop the fight.

The defendant, however, stabbed the victim on his head, face, shoulder and right ear.

The attorney charged the defendant for violating section 140 of Penal Code (Amendment) of Bhutan 2011, which graded the crime as a third-degree felony with the sentencing of five to nine years imprisonment.

OAG also charged the 20-year-old victim for battery. The offence is graded a petty misdemeanour and if proven guilty he will be sentenced for a month to a year imprisonment.

OAG also stated that the defendants were under the influence of marijuana at the time of the incident.

Tashi Phuntsho  | Lhuentse