Roads: Bothered by numerous manholes in Phuentsholing, motorists say thromde should accelerate the ongoing blacktopping project in the core town area.

Manholes mounted recently as a part of blacktopping project affect the vehicles with low clearance and create uncomfortable traffic congestion.

A local taxi driver in the town, Dorji Wangdi, said the manholes hit his vehicles chamber a number of times.

“Vehicles try to skip the mounts crowding the traffic unusually,” said Dorji Wangdi. “It must be even more difficult for smaller cars.”

Another taxi driver, Dawa Tshering, said the thromde must quicken the ongoing blacktopping work. “The manholes in the Deki Lane hit the vehicles most.” Vehicles take another route to avoid the Deki Lane road.

A town resident, Yeshey Wangdi, said thromde must complete the blacktopping “as soon as possible” because “people in the town are increasingly complaining about it.”

Even parking spaces are filled with manholes, which makes parking vehicles difficult.

Phuentsholing thromde officials are aware of the situation. Construction Development Corporation Limited (CDCL) is already engaged with the blacktopping work.

An official with thromde explained that people must understand the importance of the project.

“We had to raise the manhole height to avoid depression while blacktopping process,” the official said, adding that blacktopping and constructing manholes cannot go on simultaneously. “For that reason manhole has to precede first.”

Thromde will blacktop all urban roads in Phuentsholing. The core area is the first phase that covers 9.2km, while remaining 10km in the outskirts is the second phase.

Thromde officials said there is “a genuine need” to blacktop the urban roads.

Nu 150M has been estimated for the ongoing first phase. The second phase will start by midyear.

Rajesh Rai, Phuentsholing