Choki Wangmo | Tsirang

As of yesterday evening, Tsirang police are yet to nab the culprit(s) who broke into five meat shops in Damphu Town on Tuesday night. It is not sure how many were involved.

The culprit or culprits broke two front doors and three back doors of these shops before stealing meat and cash.

A shop owner, who sells beef, said that while she lost about Nu 1,500, the beef was untouched.

“On Wednesday morning, I received a call from a person nearby about the broken shop doors. It was an auspicious day on Tuesday and the meat shops were closed,” she said.

She reported the theft to the police.

Except for the two shops, the others did not suffer much damage.

About 50kgs of meat—25kgs of chicken and 25kgs of pork were taken. The last shop in the line lost 25kgs of pork and two butcher knives.

Shop owners said that this was the sixth theft incident in the meat shops.  “It is excluding the cases of theft in small amounts,” one said.

The meat shops are located below the main Damphu town.

The police, however, did not receive official complaints in the past.

Known as the organic capital, the district is one of the largest producers of meat, dairy, poultry, and vegetables in the country.