Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing

The ongoing Mega Night live musical show in Phuentsholing, which started on November 25, saw hundreds of spectators enjoy the performances.

On the first night, more than two thousand people had gathered to witness the mega musical event of music, songs and drinking until 3am. The numbers doubled on the second day. 

Most who attended the show said that the event was the first of its kind in the town and brought post-Covid-19 celebration.

A spectator said the live show truly marks the end of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I saw people coming from as far as Thimphu,” he said.

The Mega Night, meanwhile, is a pilot project aimed at making Phuentsholing an entertainment hub, boosting the morale of local residents, and providing a platform to socialise without any cultural and social barriers. A total of 19 local bands are performing.

The programme starts at 9pm every day at the PSA ground and goes on until 3am.

The entry fee is Nu 300 per individual. A total of 48 stalls have been raised where food and drinks are sold.

A stall owner, Kezang Thinley said the business was good in the first two days.

“The first two days were Friday and Saturday. Now, the last day will see a good crowd,” he said.

Kezang said he had travelled to different places across the border to bring different types of drinks.   

One of the aims of the event was also to attract people from across the border. However, not many turned up for the event. Residents said that Nu 1,200 SDF and other bills, including hotel charges, which the tourists have to bear are expensive.

Some observers also said that regional artists must be included to attract people from across the border. Phuentsholing Thromde had tried to get a few but they were not able to bring them due to time issues and also because of prior engagement of the artists.

Phuentsholing Thrompon Uttar Kumar Rai said that the crowd was good in the first two days.

“There were more than 7,000 people,” he said. “But from today, the crowd will subside by many folds.”

The Mega Night will conclude tomorrow.