BAFRA: Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) in Dagapela slapped two men with a fine of Nu 5,000 on October 11, for slaughtering a bull without seeking approval from the authority and the livestock department.

The bull was slaughtered in Tashiding, Dagana.

Livestock inspector, Manda said she immediately went to the place where the men were selling the meat as soon as she was tipped off.

“By the time I reached there, only about 25 kgs of meat was left,” she said. “The fine was imposed as per the rules.”

Manda said that despite creating awareness to the public on illegal slaughtering, they come across one or two cases every year. To date, BAFRA office in Dagapela has penalised five people for illegal cattle slaughter.

BAFRA officials said if one wants to slaughter cattle for self-consumption or sale, they need to get a letter from the livestock department and a consumption certificate from BAFRA office.

“If people are caught with illegal slaughter of cattle, they would be fined with double the amount of the meat they are selling and the remaining meat would also be seized and dumped,” officials said.

The fines are imposed to curb illegal slaughtering and ensure the safety of food for human consumption.

Yeshey Dema, Tsirang