With the reopening of the milk processing unit (MPU) in Busa, Wangduephodrang, on May 22, villagers are now buying jersey cows.

Villagers say the dzongkhag livestock office has provided them Nu 12,000 each to interested farmers to buy the jersey cows.

A village elder, Buem, 67, from Wangdue goenpa, said she has four local cows and she recently bought a jersey cow for Nu 40,000.

She said villagers used dairy products for consumption earlier since there was no market. “But with the establishment of MPU, we can sell milk.”

Another villager, Chimi Lham, 24, owns three milking cows. She sells about five litres of milk to the unit every.

She said she owns nine cows. “I also bought a jersey cow recently.”

Nim Pelden, 68, said she recently bought a jersey cow taking money from the dzongkhag livestock section.

She said this is the first time she owned a cow. “If this cow conceives and provides good milk, I will buy more.”

Busa-Ziri Tshogpa, Tashi Dorji, said the MPU reopened after five years. “It had to remain close since it was not doing well.”

The tshogpa said the unit could not even pay for the milk and the employees earlier. “We are hoping it will do well this time,” he said. It has 87 members this time.

The dzongkha livestock sector takes the dairy products to Wangduephodrang for sale.

Nima Wangdi | Sephu