The principal of a school in Trashigang, said that the school’s management is still in shock following the death of a student.

A 15-year-old student died following a fight with another student.

The alleged suspect, a 14-year-old boy from Khaling in Trashigang was detained for involuntary manslaughter of the 15-year-old student.

The principal said that the incident happened in the school’s boys hostel at around 9:50pm, after the lights were switched-off.
According to the suspect’s statement to police, the boys, both class seven students started fighting after an argument. The suspect confessed that he kicked the deceased in the stomach and then punched him after which he fell to the floor.

Other students in the hostel reported the incident to their hostel warden.

“We immediately took the unconscious boy to the BHU. He was declared dead when he was brought to the BHU,” the principal said.

According to medical reports, the boy is suspected to have died of a head injury.

Meanwhile, the school’s management helped the parents of the deceased to conduct the cremation in Kangpara, Trashigang on March 13.

The principal said that the students were given counseling and the situation in school is back to normal. “We didn’t expect such a misfortune to happen in our school,” he said. “Hereon, we will sensitise and educate the students on life skills.”

A police official said that the charges for any crime are same for both adults and minor. However, the duration of a sentence is halved for a minor convict.

“After conviction, the alleged suspect will be shifted to the juvenile prison, Youth Development and Rehabilitation Centre in Tsimasham,” the official said. “He can continue his studies there.”

Of the two siblings, the deceased from Kangpara is the eldest. Parents of both the  suspect and the deceased are farmers.

Dechen Tshomo