Phub Dem | Paro

A pregnant cow was stolen from its shed and slaughtered 500metres away at Tsiramna, Uesu gewog in Haa on May 3.

According to Uesu Gup Nima Tshering, the cow was tethered to a pine tree and beheaded. The villagers alerted the police and gup about the incident immediately.

Nima Tshering said that the villagers met two suspects a few meters away from the carcass. He said that the gewog earlier alerted the people to be watchful and immediately report to the gewog administration if they see any new faces in the community.

Officer commanding of Haa Police station alerted the local leaders to inform the residents to keep strict vigilance.

Lungyni and Wangchang gewogs in Paro reported the theft and slaughter of five cattle and 10 missing livestock.

Since the incidents have occurred after the ban on meat import, residents are worried about losing more as the ban continues.

A resident, Tenzin Namgay found his lost ox tethered to a tree. He said people were engaging in cattle theft as the meat fetched a good price.

While some villagers say that this was the first case of cattle lifting, others say they have lost their livestock before too.

Zeko, a farmer from Lungyni gewog, said that he lost two milking cows last year while his neighbour lost a cow.

“We looked everywhere but didn’t find them or their remains.”

Wangchang gup Kuenzang Rinzin said that villagers were worried that the offenders might attack them if they catch them in the act.

He said that they have advised the villagers and neighbouring villages to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities.

The gewogs have reported the cases to the police.