Missing student found

Rescue: A student in Ura, Bumthang  who went missing around mid-day November 15 was located in Tang, yesterday.

The class 10 student of of Ura Middle Secondary School went missing after a class trip to Shamzur goenpa in Shingkhar to offer prayers for upcoming examinations.

The student did not respond to the calls of his fellow students when it was found that he was missing.

A search and rescue operation was launched comprising of locals from Ura and Tang, faculty and students of Jakar Higher Secondary school and Ura MSS, and concerned authorities.

The government also dispatched its recently acquired chopper to participate in the search and rescue mission. The foreign minister, Damcho Dorji and helicopter board chairman, Kinzang Wangdi, travelled with the chopper. However, by the time the helicopter got to Bumthang, the boy had been located.

The student was located in Tang, which is a seven hour walk away from Ura, yesterday. The student had used his cellphone to contact his village when he found it was in range of the telecom network. He described his surroundings to a village elder and it was determined he was below a pass called Rudungla in Tang.

The search party then reached him. The student was found to have sustained a minor injury on a leg.

It is not yet known how the boy got lost.

As of last night, buses were on their way to Tang to collect the student and the search party.

By Gyalsten K Dorji

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  1. bhutjolokia
    bhutjolokia says:

    …alien abduction??? can’t believe…17 years young, whatever he did in the forest, it is easy to get lost.
    then if panic strikes you, you run in circles, getting even deeper into confusion.
    anyhow the student should be interviewed, what exactly happened to him.

  2. logical
    logical says:

    We hear of cases of disappearances of people and reappearances in most instances. Thank God for the cases of reappearances.
    Are the cases of disappearances due to alien abduction? Do the people before and after such disappearances and reappearances have same physical and spiritual properties in them? Has some CHANGE taken place on the body or mind that could be contageous to rest of the society?
    Such cases were heard taking place in Paro, Haa, Tongsa and this time it happened in Bumthang, troubling many in the process.
    FINDING the CAUSE and ADDRESSING such problems at the source, the cause would be better. We cannot afford to accept the interpretation of SUPERSTITION as they do not help to solve the cases of mysteries being themselves founded on MYSTERY hidden from COMMON SENSE.

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