Ugyen Dorji

Mongar – Two candidates of Mongar constituency rattled out in front of 16 voters, out of the 200 or so registered in Mongar Throm, at the Mongar public ground yesterday. 

Opening the floor, Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) candidate, Naiten Wangchuk expressed his gratitude for supporting his party in the primary election.

He directed his pledges to the business community members, the majority in the group, and promised holistic development of the business community and private sector.  

Naiten Wangchuk pointed out the widening gap between the government and the private sector. The BTP government will recognise the private sector as a key partner, Naiten Wangchuk said as he pledged to strengthen collaboration between government agencies and the private sector. 

He said that if BTP forms the government, the party will bring on board private sectors and community-based organisations including farmers’ groups, cooperatives, and other relevant organisations for effective decision-making.

Considering the inconsistency in law, Naiten Wangchuk promised to address the issue and also he pledged to fast-track, relax, and streamline all business approvals, permits, clearances, and regulations.

The BTP candidate pledged to facilitate private sector or contract employees to avail consumer loan up to Nu 500,000 from the banks, enhance domestic production by providing targeted support to the cottage industries and export-led industries, and adopt Bhutan first policy.

 He also said that people are raising concerns about property tax. “If BTP forms the government, we will review current taxation policies, legislations including property tax and systems to simplify and improve the structure of taxation system and procedures.”

“Remove double taxation on dividends and strengthen the tax holiday provision for startups for up to five years,” he said.

The candidate promised to create the right conditions for enhancing export and trade facilitation through the enhancement of connectivity by identifying and formalizing designated ports, improving trade protocols, and enhancing access to trade finance.

“We will extend existing loan repayment deferments on a need basis for businesses impacted by the pandemic in consultation with the Royal Monetary Authority,” Naiten Wangchuk.

People’s Democracy Party (PDP) candidate, Sonam Dendup promised to make Mongar town a category A thromde. Besides creating a post of a thrompon and other posts, he said, this will have many benefits for locals.

He said that water shortage in Monger town would be addressed by a water flagship project.

The PDP candidate promised to establish a domestic airport in Pongchula and this will help to bring 300,000 tourists annually and boost the business in Mongar.

Sonam Dendup also pledged to construct 1,150MW Dorjilung hydro electricity project and increase rural life insurance from Nu 30,000 to Nu 150,000.

“We will decrease the 50 percent voucher on mobile vouchers and widen the Gyalpoizhing – Nganglam highway. PDP will make Nganglam an entry point for trade and tourists,” he said. 

Sonam Dendup promised a Nu 15 billion economy stimulus plan, a cinema hall, and Nu 10,000 for every third child. 

He said that PDP will focus on reviewing taxation policy and exempt the tax for small businesses and the tax will be imposed based on the economic condition.

PDP candidate committed to stabilising fuel prices and establishing the Indo-Bhutan office along the Indian highway and 80 percent loan for the purchase of taxis, utility vehicles, and trucks.

Voters of the constituency said that candidates are promising doable pledges and it is important to vote for the capable candidate. “We all have to vote for the most capable candidate,” said a voter.