LG: People of Nangkor gewog in upper Kheng will have better choices this time.

Of the two graduates contesting for the election, Choezang, who graduated from Taktsi last year will contest for the post of gup against former gup Dorji Wangchuk and former mangmi Lhamo Gyeltshen.

Another candidate from Goleng chiwog with a BBA from Shillong is contesting for the post of mangmi against four candidates from other four gewogs, including a woman candidate from Nyakhar.

Elder voters from Kidkhar during Dhakpai-Tali chiwog’s common forum on September 14 said that they will have to see what the candidates have in their plans.

Tshewang Dorji, 63, from Kidkhar said that he was not impressed with what the previous leaders had done for his village. “I can’t see any development the former leaders brought to our village,” he said. “We rarely saw them after they were elected.”

Choezang, who is not much familiar to the villagers, began his campaign by introducing his parents to introduce himself.

Choezang, who worked with the Anti-Corruption Commission for a brief period, said that it is important to choose an educated leader. “If you need development in the gewog, an educated person is the best.” He urged the public to vote for the right person.

Dorji wangchuk, 56, kept his campaign focused on census issues in the gewog. He said that his priority would be to solve the issues faced by the people of the gewog.

Dorji Wangchuk said that if elected again, he would request Chamkharchhu project to widen the Dhakphel road. He also said that unemployed youth from the gewog will be selected to be trained in artificial insemination. For that, he said he had already discussed with the Rural Development Training Centre (RDTC) in Zhemgang.

Lhamo Gyeltshen, who served as a mangmi, secured 80 ‘No’ and 83 ‘Yes’ votes during the chiwog zomdu. He said that he is ready to shoulder any responsibility.

Mangmi candidate from Goleng, Loday Zangpo, focused his campaign on the gewog’s development. While distributing his photo to the people, he also told them that his focus would be to deliver equal development for all the chiwogs.

Sangay Dorji, 35, an ex-monk from Dhakphel-Tali chiwogs, also said that he is ready to serve the public with integrity as a mangmi.

Singay Wangchuk, a high school graduate, presented himself as a suitable mangi candidate.

Sonam Yangchen, 29, from Nyakhar chiwog, who was selected with 59 votes from her chiwogs, said that she will support women with domestic violence cases in particular. “It will be a proud moment for you all, if you select a woman candidate.”

The lone tshogpa candidate from Kidkhar chiwog, Leki Zangmo, will be selected with Yes and No votes on September 27.

The candidates will campaign in Duenmang today.

Tashi Tenzin | Buli

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