… the three-day voting begins on Nov 23

Dechen Dolkar

The Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) will facilitate a special early voting service for people with disabilities (PWDs) and those who are unable to travel to the polling stations to cast their votes on the poll day for the fourth National Assembly elections.

The designated polling officials will take postal ballots to their homes.

The special early voting will operate for three days, from November 23 to 25 for the primary round of elections.

According to the ECB, special voting services will be also provided to individuals unable to reach polling stations, those suffering from chronic diseases, bedridden and being elderly and immobile.

More than 2,000 eligible individuals have registered for the special early voting service.

ECB’s Director for Secretariat, Phub Dorji said that for those individuals who registered for the special voting services, one trusted individual will facilitate the voting process on their behalf, with an election official as a witness.

He said that it will be in the form of postal ballots, which the commission will send to respective returning officers.

Meanwhile, a total of 496,836 voters are eligible to vote in the fourth National Assembly elections, out of which 254,742 are women, and 242,094 are men.

Of the total registered voters in the country, 125,949 have registered as postal voters.