Chhimi Dema I Haa

Soon sports enthusiasts in Haa can enjoy sports whether it shines or rains. The dzongkhag administration is expected to take over the multi-sports hall from the construction company within three weeks.

The hall supported by the Bhutan Olympic Committee (BoC) will have badminton, basketball, and volleyball courts, shower and first-aid rooms, cafeteria, and an office.

The hall construction began in 2021 at a cost of Nu 30 million. It was due to complete in July last year but was delayed.

Project engineer of Bhutan Construction Private Ltd., Depan Kumar Rai, said that the construction was delayed due to challenges in importing construction materials and hiring workers. “We are on track now, and ready to hand it over to the dzongkhag,” he said.

The dzongkhag administration would monitor and supervise the functioning of the sports hall. BoC made the designs and drawings of the hall.

Sports enthusiasts in Haa are eager to use the facility. Kinley, a resident, said that he wants to be the first person to play basketball in the sports hall. “I wish we could use the facility sooner.”

He said that the facility would be a good initiative to keep people active especially by providing youth with a healthy distraction.

The dzongkhag has a total population of about 13,800 with about 5,000 individuals working in various organisations and institutions.

A civil servant said that the sports hall would be a good opportunity to organise intra-sports competitions among the schools or institutions in the dzongkhag. “This would allow meaningful interactions and build communal harmony,” she said, adding that it would promote a healthy lifestyle.