… PDP supporters happy with party’s win at national level

Tashi Phuntsho

Pemagatshel — Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) emerged victorious in the general election as the people of Nanong-Shumar constituency cast their votes. BTP secured victories in both Postal Ballot (PB) and Electoral Voting Machine (EVM) categories.

In the primary election, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) secured 1,559 votes, while BTP came second with 1,536 votes in the Nanong-Shumar constituency. The constituency, with 17 polling stations, boasts 10,553 registered voters, including 5,381 females.

Yeshi Jamtsho, the BTP candidate for the Nanong-Shumar constituency, expressed his commitment to serving the people regardless of their political affiliations.

The 49-year-old candidate won from 14 out of 17 polling stations (PS), with the highest number of votes coming from Nanong gewog centre PS. Despite a loss at Tokary ORS PS by four votes, Yeshi Jamtsho secured a lead of 771 EVM votes, clinching the parliamentary seat.

PDP candidate Pema Wangchuk, despite contesting for the second time, won in three of the 17 PS in the constituency, with the highest votes from Dagor PS. Despite a competitive race, Yeshi Jamtsho’s strategic lead in both EVM and PB secured him a decisive victory.

Yeshi Jamtsho, drawing on his past experience as the branch manager at Bhutan Development Bank, expressed gratitude to BTP coordinators, Tshogpas, and supporters from various political parties for their role in his success. He assured constituents of his dedication to fulfilling their hopes and wishes.

Pema Wangchuk expressed shock at the election results. While disappointed by the loss, he recognized the democratic process and the people’s decision.

Voters said their focus on the party’s potential for leading the ruling government. Some cited the need for a new perspective, shifting their allegiance from past affiliations.

Despite not having a ruling candidate from Pemagatshel, supporters expressed satisfaction with PDP’s victory to form the government.

PDP president Tshering Tobgay during his campaign in the dzongkhag assured the people that the party would fulfil its pledges for the dzongkhag, irrespective of the electoral outcome.

PDP’s pledges include initiatives such as birding, wildlife projects, watchtowers, homestays, and ecotourism to attract tourists. Plans for studying the feasibility of establishing a medium international airport in the eastern dzongkhags were outlined to revive the local economy.

The candidates from both parties also committed to building new farm roads and bridges, improving existing roads, addressing water supply issues, and resolving gypsum truckers’ problems.