Staff Reporter

The National Assembly (NA) members of the third Parliament marked the end of their five-year term yesterday by offering Zhabten and Tashi Moenlam for His Majesty The King.

According to Section 24 of Article 10 of the Constitution, Speaker Wangchuk Namgyel read the term-end order and signed it. The Speaker attributed the success of the NA sessions of the third Parliament to the blessings of the triple gem, guardian deities, and the leadership, guidance, and support of His Majesty The King.

Acknowledging the dedication of the MPs during their tenure, the Speaker highlighted their commitment to upholding the Constitution, considering the aspirations of His Majesty The King and the people, and ensuring the security and sovereignty of the country.

The Speaker as a farewell courtesy called on the Chairperson of the National Council. Expressing gratitude, the Speaker thanked the Chairperson and the members of the National Council for their consistent support throughout the term.