Thukten Zangpo

Samtse – The third day of Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa’s (DNT) presidential campaign commenced yesterday with a symbolic gesture of gratitude as a group of individuals presented a floral garland (marigold) to President Dr Lotay Tshering in Norgaygang Gewog, Samtse.

Dr Lotay Tshering engaged with the residents of Gomtu and Samtse on November 9, followed by interactions with the communities of Tashichholing, Tendu, and Pemaling on the subsequent day.

The DNT is set to conclude its campaign in Samtse today.

Addressing the audience in Lhotshamkha, Dr Lotay Tshering emphasised the importance of prioritising national interests over political ones.

He underscored that voters should not compromise on their decisions based on financial gains or recommendations from others. The president’s pledges on health and education, the party’s primary focus, resonated with the attentive audience.

Furthermore, citizens raised concerns about issues such as water supply and road infrastructure during the interaction.

Dr Lotay Tshering attributed the country’s peace and prosperity to the unity of like-minded entities—His Majesty The King, the government, and the people.

Reflecting on the government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, he highlighted the achievement of zero deaths.

Acknowledging the digital divide among students, with rural and urban students experiencing different learning environments, the president pledged to provide designed-for-student computers to bridge the gap.

Notably, the gathering for this campaign meeting was smaller compared to previous elections. Tendu Gewog’s Tshogpa, Sonam Dorji, attributed this reduced turnout to “meeting fatigue” and the ongoing paddy harvest season, coupled with local festivals.

Unlike in the past, Sonam Dorji observed a shift in people’s attitudes towards politics, noting that citizens have become more mature in their democratic decision-making. He highlighted that people are no longer as enthusiastic about party discussions and have moved away from quarreling over differing political views.

Expressing a concern raised by a voter, Nar Bahadur Ghalley from Phuntshopelri, Dr Lotay Tshering assured that the senior citizen policy, approved by the DNT government, would be implemented.

Another citizen, Bhoj Kumari from Lachithang in Phuntshopelri, voiced her struggle with her children having to stay in rented apartments due to the significant travel time from her village to school in Gomtu.

Samtse boasts the highest number of registered voters, with 53,386 out of a total of 496,836 registered voters, including 125,949 postal voters.