One of the important issues that the summer session of the National Council (NC) will deliberate is the interim review report on state-owned enterprises (SOEs) under the Ministry of Finance (MoF).

According to the NC’s Natural Resources and Environment Committee (NREC), the issues that the committee is looking into include the mandates of SOEs and the delivery of services.

The committee’s member, Tirtha Man Rai, at the pre-session press conference held yesterday, said that issues related to SOEs’ financial sustainability and the impact of their corporate social responsibility (CRS) in the community among other issues were being reviewed.

However, he added that the committee was not reviewing the SOEs under the Druk Holding and Investments (DHI).

“We will deliberate on the review report and submit recommendations to the government to address the issues,” he said.

Deliberations and stakeholder consultations will continue. The committee has held consultations with MoF and other stakeholders.

The SOEs under the MoF are established under Sections 74 and 82 of the Public Finance Act 2007. Most of the SOEs are fully owned by the MoF and enjoy government subsidies.

The NC will also deliberate an interim review report on farm roads in the country.

The House also deliberated on roads, Mines and Minerals Bill 2020, among other Bills and review reports.

By MB Subba

Edited by Jigme Wangchuk