… more EV customers appealing to court today 

Yangyel Lhaden 

A group of Neta V electric vehicle customers has appealed to Thimphu Dzongkhag Court discontent with the decision of the Dispute Settlement Committee (DSC) regarding their complaint against the dealer yesterday.

It comes after the dealer of electric vehicles, Kuenphen Motors, appealed against the decision from DSC to Thimphu Dzongkhag Court on August 23. 

Both parties were discontent with DSC’s decision to make the dealer pay Nu 30,000 to all aggrieved Neta V and MG ZS customers. 

DSC’s decision announced on August 17 allowed both parties to appeal to the court within 10 working days after its decision. 

Earlier in April, 40 Neta V taxi drivers wrote to Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (CCAA) about the increased price charged from the pre-booking price and the electric car they ordered was for 401km but the vehicle gave only 384km on full charge.

A Neta V complainant said that because CCAA decision was to compensate all parties and not just the complainants, three more taxi operators have also signed up as parties to the case.

The  Neta V complainants have appealed to the court with the same complaint as submitted to CCAA. 

The complainants said that the compensation did not reflect the damages they suffered. It was only based on the violation of their Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and regulations, and it did not address their issue. 

“This is why we are appealing to court so that we will receive justice on our issue,” one of the taxi operators said.  

NETA V taxi operators expect a refund of the extra money they were charged from the pre-booking price and the cost difference between 384km and 401km Neta V vehicle.

On May 26, 15 MG ZS electric vehicle taxi operators lodged a complaint to the CCAA asserting that the vehicle did not provide the required mileage of 419km and that the features in the vehicle were missing as compared to how the vehicle was advertised.

They are going to appeal to the court today. MG ZS taxi operators expect a refund or installation of missing features by their dealer.