… improving mineral export and diversification

Dechen Dolkar

Gyem Tshering, 65, from Lomekha in Dogar gewog, Paro, is the new minister for the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

With a Master’s degree in Energy Planning and Policy from Bangkok, and BSc in Electrical Engineering from Mudras, Chennai, Gyem Tshering worked as the Chief Executive Officer of Bhutan Power Corporation from 2015 to 2018. He was the CEO at Pyelbar Lokchey Limited from 2019 to 2022.

An engineer with extensive experience in the power sector, Gyem Tshering has held various positions within Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC) and Chukha Hydropower Plant. 

His contributions include the construction of transmission lines and substations, including the execution of Government of India (GOI) projects such as Puna I, II, and Mangduechhu transmission lines and substations, which played a pivotal role in developing the country’s infrastructure.

Lyonpo said that the party has candidates with experiences in diverse sectors starting from energy, private sector, agriculture, tourism, mining, health and hospitality.

“I would say that every candidate has the potential to take the responsibility of the ministerial post,” Lyonpo said.

However, he said that the nomination was based on many criteria, experiences, commitment, and background of the nominees. 

Responding to questions about his expectations of becoming a ministerial candidate, Lyopno said that while he did not anticipate the appointment, he was fully prepared and committed to taking on the responsibility if given the opportunity.

His priority is to ensure energy security through the diversification of energy sources, increase private sector engagement in the mining sector for enhanced export, value addition of minerals, and greater employment, he said.

Lyonpo said that all departments in the ministry hold critical resources for the country. 

“It is of paramount importance to optimise these resources to augment the country’s economy, which is one of the main goals of this newly elected government.” 

Gyem Tshering secured victory against the Bhutan Tendrel Party’s Jigme with a margin of 1,807 votes.