Dechen Dolkar

The Department of Tourism (DoT) in collaboration with Department of Immigration (DoI), launched new passport entry visa and permit stamps to commemorate World Tourism Day 2023 on September 27.

According to the department, the stamps feature uniquely Bhutanese ‘ornaments’ that reflect hand-painted architectural carvings, one of the 13 traditional crafts (or Zorig Chusum) representing Bhutanese cultural identity.

DoT Director General Dorji Dhradhul said that the objective was to create a passport stamp design that becomes a collectable item, that celebrates the start of a traveller’s journey at the moment they step into the country.

Director General of DoI, Tshering Wangmo said that each stamp is not just an entry mark but also a reflection of Bhutan’s rich tapestry of tradition and culture, and an invitation to experience the heartbeat of our nation’s soul.

“With every imprint, we hope to share a piece of ‘Bhutan Believe’ with the world.”

The Haa Visitor Information and Incubation Centre (HVIIC) was also launched on the day.

According to the DoT, the centre aims to boost tourism in the dzongkhag, offering a one-stop community service, while empowering youths and women through tourism activities and establishing a sustainable community-based tourism initiative.

Visitors can access detailed maps, event calendars, and information about local accommodations and eateries through brochures, flyers, and the assistance of knowledgeable local guides stationed at the centre.