Staff Reporter 

The Vice President of Youth Development Fund Her Royal Highness, Princess Chimi Yangzom Wangchuck inaugurated the Innovate Bhutan E-Mentorship Platform on August 12. 

The platform, is the first of its kind online mentoring portal in the country with a user-friendly interface, mentor reviews by mentees, and a flexible schedule for mentors.

The platform, funded by Bhutan Foundation and UNICEF, is intended to invigorate Bhutan’s startup landscape and propel social entrepreneurship by connecting aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators with experienced mentors and coaches in Bhutan and abroad. 

Chief of social enterprise of Innovate Bhutan, Kinley Tenzin said, “This innovative digital nexus eliminates geographical constraints and bridges the knowledge gap, providing invaluable mentorship in domains such as business, innovation, technology, legal matters, and more.” 

“The platform offers aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators or ‘innopreneurs’) an opportunity to connect with experienced mentors and coaches effortlessly,” he said.

The platform’s intelligent filtering system simplifies mentor selection, presenting potential matches based on industry specialization, thereby streamlining the process and enhancing relevance.

An integrated mentor reviewing feature allows mentees to review mentors by assigning star ratings. Innovate Bhutan will periodically recognize and award the best-rated mentors, reinforcing a culture of excellence and mutual growth within the mentoring community.

Currently, the platform boasts a distinguished lineup of 30 mentors, including accomplished entrepreneurs, influential leaders, and seasoned advisors, committed to guiding and nurturing a new generation of innovators. UNICEF Bhutan’s Deputy Representative Fawzia Hoodbhoy said the platform is a commendable initiative to encourage knowledge transfer and nurture talents to design social innovations.

“As more organisations provide skilling programmes to children and young people, UNICEF is confident that the platform will fill the gap to connect aspiring entrepreneurs in Bhutan with professionals to create entrepreneurial solutions,” Fawzia Hoodbhoy said.

The inaugural cohort of 25 mentees is set to embark on their transformative mentorship journey next month. UNICEF Bhutan supported the development of the platform and provided professional mentoring for select young social entrepreneurs.

Innovate Bhutan’s steadfast dedication to fostering social entrepreneurship has already touched the lives of over 300 young individuals and provided startup seed funds to 16 social entrepreneurs since its inception in 2020.

The launch of the Innovate Bhutan E-Mentorship Platform marks a significant leap forward in Bhutan’s entrepreneurial landscape, offering a platform where dreams are nurtured, innovation thrives, and mentorship knows no boundaries.