Staff Reporter 

In the wake of rapid increase in Covid-19 positive cases, the National Covid-19 Taskforce (NC19TF) has revised the protocol for stranded individuals who seek to travel to their place of residence.

The heightened surveillance is intended to prevent disease spread beyond Thimphu and Paro, while controlling the local outbreaks in the two districts, according to a press release from the Prime Minister’s Office.

The NC19TF has decided to implement protocols for travel out these dzongkhags with immediate effect.

Emergency travels

For emergency travels from Thimphu and Paro to other dzongkhags related to death and illnesses, the travellers will have to undergo three days of mandatory facility quarantine at the place of origin.

Individuals should register with 1010 public call centre, which will verify and authenticate the case, and direct the person to a quarantine facility. The person will be allowed to move only if the RT-PCR result at the end of the quarantine comes out negative.

The details of the travellers will be shared to the local government authorities. The person will have to undergo an antigen test on the seventh day from the day of RT-PCR test. At the place of arrival, the person must ensure safe distance and follow Covid-19 norms, according to the new protocol.

The same will apply for emergency travellers from high-risk areas to other dzongkhags, according to the National Covid-19 Taskforce.

Other travels

Other stranded individuals who need to return to the place of residence will have to undergo a seven-day mandatory facility quarantine at the place of origin.

The person will have to register with 1010 public call centre. Following validation of the details, the person will be directed to a quarantine facility. On the eighth day, an RT-PCR test will be conducted and the individual will be allowed to travel, if the result is negative.

The same protocol is reinstated in high-risk areas.

Those travelling to red zones and high risk areas from other regions need to clear an antigen test for permission to travel. 

The same applies for travel between Thimphu and Paro.