The year 2019 came to an end last night. Like every year, good wishes and greetings of a successful year ahead were on everyone’s lips and fingers. It is the time of the year when we forget everything and look forward to a new year.

Bhutanese love celebrating new beginnings, several in our case.

It started, about a month ago, with the Jawa Karm Nyeru, celebrated by the people of south Paro. Then came the Lomba for Parops and Haaps before the Gregorian New Year. It will be followed by Nyilo, the new year of Wang Tshochey Gey (eight regions of western Bhutan).

Then we will celebrate our Losar. No matter who celebrates which new year or when, we welcome a new year, a new beginning.

We look forward to a new beginning hoping for the best. People make resolutions (some break it the next day) look forward to new things; make promises to do well in  our lives. Those who experienced a hard year feel that the year gone by was good riddance.

In welcoming the New Year, we look back to the past to see what we have achieved, missed and make the most of it in the following year.

When we look back, we had a successful year. It was the new government’s first year in power after a successful election. A year has passed in preparation. Even then there were many decisions made which made some happy and others not so happy.

Those in governance will feel that a year is too short. The priorities are set, the funds are flowing and as we welcome 2020, there are expectations that the new year will be more meaningful. The elected government was given time to prepare the fields and sow seeds. The years after this will be about reaping the fruits.

How good or bad the fruits will depend on our collective efforts. If we can make the most of our smallness, agree to priorities and shed differences, we are already on the path to a good new year.

There are so many things to look forward to. Bhutanese are excited with the news of a royal sibling to our beloved Gyalsey. With the prayers and wishes of the people, we will be blessed with a royal baby this year. The year ahead is also significant in the sense that His Majesty The King would be turning 40. It will be a momentous occasion to reflect and rejoice in the success under the benevolent rule of His Majesty The King.

The government is looking ahead to a fruitful year with a lot of economic activities planned that would create jobs and opportunities. It has already earmarked about Nu 28 billion.

What should excite Bhutanese is the profound message Hi Majesty shared a few weeks ago on the National Day. There is a royal call–a reminder for all the Bhutanese.

The royal wisdom is crystal clear. It calls on every individual to take stock of our shortcomings, take advantage of our smallness, to do what we can that big country cannot, to chart out a robust 21st century economy roadmap and to build an efficient, dynamic and effective service delivery system, including restructuring or improving of our laws, policies and procedures.

The most important New Year resolution for each one of us would be remembering these and working towards fulfilling the Royal wishes.