The Zangtogpelri lhakhang and park in Phuentsholing is not the same anymore.

About 46 new LED floodlights now illuminate the lhakhang. From the small gold painted prayer wheels around the sacred structure to the surrounding, there is light all over and it has added to the people’s mood.

As a corporate social responsibility (CSR), NHDCL spent about Nu 1.53 million (M) to install the 46 LED floodlights. NHDCL officials inaugurated the lighting on February 1 evening.

Three different types of lightings, 110watt, 70watt, and 24watt are installed outside the lhakhang. The housing development’s chief executive officer Thinley Dorji said the Zangtogpelri lhakhang is at a strategic area. “From young to old, small to big, rich and affluent, everybody come here to pray,” he said, adding that people from across the border also visit the lhakhang regularly. “The light and its brightness illuminate people’s minds.”

Phuentsholing thrompon Uttar Kumar Rai said he appreciated NHDCL’s noble means under CSR to help the people by lighting up Zangtogpelri. “This initiative would go a long way in motivating and encouraging other bigger corporate offices in Phuentsholing,” the thrompon said, adding their CSR contributions would have direct impact on the public. “Thromde encourages such initiatives.

He said the new LED lighting would make the CCTV installed at the lhakhang vicinity effective. The footage would be clear and safety, enhanced, he said.

Meanwhile, the lighting system has left residents in awe. The number of people taking pictures around the vicinity has increased.

Owner of NK restaurant, Sonam Penjore said the Zangtogpelri looks more beautiful. “There are more people in the evening circumambulating the lhakhang,” he said.

Although the lhakhang had lighting before, the owner said it was not sufficient and bright as required and that people felt safer now. A visitor from Thimphu, Nima said Zangtogpelri is the only charm of the crowded Phuentsholing town. “It is a place for family, friends, and spiritual seekers,” he said.

During the inauguration, NHDCL officials said they would also install a new lighting system inside the lhakhang. The rewiring work has already started. “The work will complete in about 10 days,” Thinley Dorji said.

NHDCL officials said the existing wiring system inside the lhakhang is an old form of system that date back to the 90s. Due to the old system that were already tiring, there were also frequent power cuts.

Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing