Dechen Dolkar

In just over a month since its commissioning, the  118MW Nikachhu Hydropower Project in Trongsa has generated revenue of approximately Nu 56 million. Nikachhu commenced its electricity exports to India on January 25th.

Despite facing numerous challenges, particularly from the Covid-19 pandemic and geological issues, the project managed to be commissioned on time. The project has produced around 17.738 million units of electricity as of the first week of March.

According to officials from Tangsibji Hydro Energy Limited, the project has distributed 4 million units of electricity for domestic consumption at the tariff of Nu 3.89/KWh as of March 8. Around 491 million units are expected to be generated annually, earning approximately Nu 1.6 billion from the project.

The project official mentioned that the Nikachhu project is also discharging water from the dam to the Mangdue project, thereby benefiting the latter for more generations. Currently, the project employs 103 individuals, with 39 employees retained for the operation and maintenance of the project.

The official further stated that the project is preparing for closure, and the remaining employees will be redeployed to other new projects and the Druk Green Power Corporation (DGPC) plant.

The project is 100 percent subsidiary of DGPC.